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The Tuned-In seminar is an opportunity for your team hear themselves as their clients and co-workers do. The seminar is hosted at Audacity Recording Studios, one of South Florida's premiere audio production facilities.


Team members are placed in high stress situations, such as angry phone calls from customers or coworkers as well as impromptu

presentations and pitches. The recordings are then analyzed to hear how the intonation of their voices can used to the best advantage.

The seminar is dynamic, useful, and fun! Each participant is sent a professional recording of their recording the end of the session.

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This experience will give participants on your team an opportunity to focus on their voice, what they say, how they say it, and how it sounds to others. You will learn the nuances in your voice that bring strength to your issue and what are the verbal "tells" that make your points weaker. 


Part 1

Dynamic verbal exchange

In this experience you will be in a recording booth with another person or persons in a second recording

booth. You and the other participants will role play a typical telephone or meeting conversation. The group will then reflect and comment on the verbal and vocal strengths of the participants.


Part II

Presentation Skills

Participants will be given a topic or concept to make a presentation, at a conference table style meeting.

You will focus on your verbal and vocal skills to drive home your point to others.

Participants will record presentations in monologue form and the group will reflect and comment on strengths and weaknesses of the verbiage, cadence, and tone of the presenter.


Part III

Tips on making your point

Discussion of phraseology that can be applied to verbal situations and confrontations that keep you in control of a conversation.


Part IV: 

Recap and Questions


Create.mp3 files of class recordings

and email them to participants

The Tuned-In workshop was an invaluable experience for my teaming myself!  John brought amazing insight to the way they express themselves, with an emphasis on how they can use their voices to be more successful at work and in life!


~ Kimarie Stratos

   Senior Vice President and General Counsel 

   Memorial Healthcare System

I thoroughly enjoyed the Tuned In Workshop. As a realtor in South Florida, the class gave me a heightened sense of how I sound  to my customers over the phone or in person, and how that translates into closing sales. I learned how I sound is as important as what I am saying.


~ Lisa M. Kennedy


    Elite Coastal Properties

For details, please contact Linda Thornberg at or call 954-920-4418

John Jay Martyn

Education: Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

Bachelor of Music, Music Production & Engineering 1985

Owner, Audacity Recording 1986 – Present

Audio Post Producer/Engineer

John Jay Martyn has been recording voices at his recording studio in Hollywood Florida since 1987. John produces and engineers audio for broadcast television commercials. There is a very good chance that you have heard his work if you have ever heard the commercials for The Florida Keys and Key West, City Furniture, Holy Cross Hospital, Karisma Resorts and hundreds of other national and local spots.


John has also recorded and supervised Voice Replacement sessions with film and television actors including Dwayne Johnson, “San Andreas”, “Fast & Furious 7”, “Hercules” , Hayden Panettierre “Nashville”, Kevin James“Paul Blart 2”, “Hotel Translvania 2”, Jamie Foxx “Valentines Day”, and television series including "Graceland", "The Glades", "Magic City", and "Limitless".



John has been teaching beginning, intermediate, and advanced voiceover seminars to South Florida voice talent since 2006, many of whom have gone on to successful careers in broadcast advertising.

Linda Thornberg

Education: University of Massachusetts, Boston

M.Ed. 1981 Major: Education / Instructional Media Specialist

BA, 1979, Major: Psychology; Teaching Certification

Business Administrator/Studio Owner
Every creative business needs the "glue" that provides the left brain formal items that corporations need.  Linda has been doing this since 1987 at Audacity Recording Studios.  Linda will make sure you have a written proposal as well as any appropriate paperwork for purchase orders and invoicing.

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